Hypnotica Colectiva EP [HCR001]

by Voidloss



The work of Steve Voidloss always showed us a particular vision, filled with sentiment, that emerged as direct influence for a dark, violent techno. A music charged with emotions, beauty, and mysticism that we love.

In 2009 "Labrynth Records" released "The Sinister Dialect EP", which featured "Meat Hook", a masterpiece that rapidly became a historic anthem for Hypnotica Colectiva. When we finally had Voidloss performing in Valencia, the climax arrived in that magic moment when Voidloss performed "Meat Hook". It wasn't the original studio version, but a extended one for the live PA, stronger, higly emotional, named "Meat Hook Beauty - Rhapsody at Miniclub Edit".

We started a big friendship with Steve, so more performances followed after. In every occasion Steve delivered a new live act with new music. But always revisitating "Meat Hook Beauty" in the peak time of the night.
Time has come to start our very own record label, a project that will reflect what Hypnotica Colectiva has been. And there isn't a better way for this than to make our debut with Steve Voidloss and the magic of "Meat Hook Beauty", plus it's "Return of Acid Mix". "The Taste of Road Tar", a new killer techno cut completes the EP.

This is HCR001, the beginning of Hypnotica Colectiva Records.






released July 1, 2016

All tracks written, produced and mastered by Steve Voidloss at
Black Monolith Studio, London. 2016
Artwork by Dani Requeni.

First feedbacks...

Future 16: “classy!!”

Dan D: “Superb release from the always mighty Voidloss! Congratulations to Hypnotica Colectiva on kicking off the label, a fantastic start. Thank you!”

Vertical Spectrum: “superb release, favorite track - The taste of Road Tar”

Synthek: “The taste of Road Tar for me, tnx”

Datura Dilema: “The taste of Road Tar is just Fantastic!”

Sicco Bosscher: “Congratulations with the birth of your new label guys
and what a way to start.”

Marcel Dettmann: "thx 5/5"

Scan Mode: “wowww nice one”

Domen: “Great work and good luck Hynotica Colectiva”

Phone: "yeahh 5/5"

Sebastian Roya: “I love Voidloss sounds”

Rodrigo García: “Full support!”

Leandro Gámez: “"The taste of road Tar" it's a fantastic track.”

Audio Injection / Truncate: “Liking Taste of Road Tar..."

Secret Cinema: “Taste of Road Tar is nice!!!”

Corvum: “Great release by Voidloss on Hypnotica Colectiva Records! Old school real groovy and solid techno tunes with some moments of cinematographic melodic progression! Well done! My favorite the extraordinary ''Meat Hook Beauty (Rhapsody at Miniclub Edit) ''. I will definitely play it and of course you will have my support! Thank you!”

Lag: “Steve's stuff is always quality."

David Reina: “FULL SUPPORT! All the best with the label and thanks for the music.”

Krenzlin: "nice one"


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