Industrial Machinery EP [HCR003]

by Siarem, Daniel Kyo, Estrato Aurora, B/K/L/S



The third disc of HC Records is a full work of producers related to our collective.
The original track that occupies the first cut of the A face comes from the already veteran producer of Albacete Siarem. "Industrial Machinery" came to us through a good friend of the house, Jaime Romero aka Estrato Aurora, and we were spellbound instantly.
Our concept of the label is to publish the music we like, whatever the style, and without looking at trends, but rather at the sensations that it provokes.
After two references in vinyl of marked character towards the most rude or industrial Techno, with this new disc we return to our origins and original influences. As Valencians, much of the soundtrack of our life was and will be the EBM, style that we have always defended in the booth.
This production of Siarem caught us for its absolute hypnotism and beauty. A timeless anthem from which the following remixers, all of them from Valencia, have given their personal interpretation:

A-2 Daniel Kyo Remix.
The person in charge of this remix is Daniel Kyo, a very dear person in our environment for the joint work in the local clubbing world that we have carried out in the last ten years.
Precocious artist, recording his first productions with only 16 years old, Dani has already published his works on stamps of world prestige, acting in events of the first magnitude. His remix offers the classic 4 x 4 aspect with a warm cadence very focused on the dance floor; reinterpreting the melodies and their pads towards an epic path that welcomes its maximum splendor in a middle stretch of the track very effusive, to end in its final part removing clues in a clear gesture of favoring its mix of entry and exit in the club.

B-1 Estrato Aurora Remix.
The contribution of Jaime Romero was not only a messenger of the original theme, but we were lucky to be part of the album with a remix that overwhelmed us already on the first listen. The first impact is always decisive.
The work of Estrato Aurora seems to us a remix that we qualify as a masterpiece, within a style that we have defended from the beginning in [HC] as is the electro.
With a deep development of a broken rhythm drilled in electro old school key, almost ten minutes of pure melancholy and beauty. Each sound that is incorporated makes it more balanced while forceful, to end up leaving in the final part, after the break, the original melody with an emotion that rips you without mercy until its slow death ...

B-2 B / K / L / S Remix.
The disc closes with the remix of those of the house. B / K / L / S is the trio formed by Blanet, Raszia & Industrial Waves for live performance and production.
We did not want to leave this third vinyl without our personal characteristic of "Strong Mentality" and that rude and dirty techno, influenced by Hardcore and Rave.
The remix is a sample of the live of this training based on synthesizers, drummachines and distortion pedals; with a long break in religious choir evolved towards the power of total destruction in the outbreak of its most forceful and acid moment.


released October 15, 2018

Industrial Machinery EP

A1. Industrial Machinery (Original Mix)
A2. Industrial Machinery (Daniel Kyo Remix)
B1. Industrial Machinery (Estrato Aurora Remix)
B2. Industrial Machinery (B/K/L/S Remix)

A1, A2 & B2 mastered at Black Monolith Studios.
B1 mastered by Jose Rico.
Artwork by Dani Requeni.
All rights reserved.


Valencia, 2018.


all rights reserved


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