Seasonal Disorder [HCR​-​d001]


Brenell 03:58
Clang 05:27
Aneurysm 01:57
Defy 04:50
NS16 05:34
Red Screen 05:20
Drones 04:54



After HC first vinyl release, our digital division is now born, with the aim of releasing exclusively cds and digital music.

Mslwte is the producer in charge of the label launch, with his album "Seasonal Disorder". With his 11 tracks, Mslwte gets into the private recesses of the mind, altered by the environment: The vision of a post-apocalyptic and desolate world, or thousands of miles away from the Planet Earth. Always with a techno frame of British tradition as reference, he combines the hardcore continuum long chain with an industrial pulse, which doesn't stop beating with isolation, dark ambient and varied sonorous landscapes.

Since the equator of the album, the soundscapes - "Brenell", "Aneurysm" and "Secular Audio Transmission"- act as brief interludes that reflect the influence of the medium, or it in itself. Then we find the scenarios "Clang", which reminds to the cyclic, hard, rush and metallic; "Defy", a combination of techno and breakbeat, with an archetypal motif of techstep and neurofunk, which runs alongside the track, with subtle glitches and baffling decorations; and "No Need For Anyone", omnipotent techno with Birmingham roots.

In the second half, the sonorous landscapes continue playing an interlude role, but now they are longer and become way more important. "NS16" is a natural phenomenon, dominated by a massive boil, with the shape of a wall of noise; in "Drone" the  tones overlap themselves, building a dissonant and inhospitable environment; "No Slaves No Masters" is another accident, finishing the album with sulfuric acid rain, that reminds us to Aphex Twin. Between them, "Red Screen" goes deeper into what "Defy" exposed before, but this time with a bigger industrial footprint. Finally, "We All Leave The Same Way" features the most emotive moment of the album. The introspection produced by "the watched", thanks to a constant rhythm and a reduced, penetrating and baleful melody.


Tras el lanzamiento de la primera referencia en vinilo de HC Records, nace la división dirigida a publicar únicamente música en cd y descarga digital.

La inauguración corre a cargo de Mslwte con el álbum Seasonal Disorder, que a partir de once tracks consigue adentrarse en los privados recovecos de la mente alterados por el entorno: la visión de un mundo postapocalíptico, desolador, o a miles de kilómetros de la tierra. Siempre en un marco techno de tradición británica como referencia, se combina la larga cadena del hardcore continuum y un pulso industrial que no deja de latir con aislacionismo, dark ambient y variados paisajes sonoros.

Hasta el ecuador del álbum, los paisajes sonoros –Brenell, Aneurysm y Secular Audio Transmission– actúan como breves interludios que reflejan la influencia del medio, o éste en sí mismo, para dividir los escenarios Clang, que recuerda a lo cíclico, contundente, afilado y metálico; Defy, una conjunción de techno y breakbeat con un motivo arquetípico de techstep y neurofunk que recorre el track junto a sutiles glitches y adornos desconcertantes, y No Need For Anyone, techno omnipotente que encuentra su raíz en Birmingham.

En la segunda mitad, los paisajes sonoros siguen cumpliendo la función de interludio, pero ahora se extienden y cobran especial importancia: NS16 es un fenómeno de la naturaleza, caracterizado por un bullir masivo en forma de pared de ruido; en Drone, los tonos se superponen construyendo un ambiente disonante e inhóspito; No Slaves No Masters es otro accidente, que cierra el álbum con una lluvia de ácido sulfúrico al estilo de Aphex Twin. Entre ellos, Red Screen ahonda en lo expuesto por Defy con un mayor deje industrial, y We All Leave The Same Way presenta el momento más emotivo del álbum, la introspección que produce lo observado, gracias a un ritmo constante y una melodía reducida, penetrante y funesta.

Texto Original por Carlos Añón “Sheetone”.
Traducción por Óscar Barila.


released December 26, 2016

All tracks written, mixed and produced by Mslwte.
All tracks mastered at Black Monolith Studio, London.
Artwork by Dani Requeni.
All rights reserved.
Valencia, 2016.

Some feedbacks:::::::::::::::::::::::::

-AnD: "Nice release of musical twists and turns from Mslwte!"
-Angel Molina: "Great industrial techno stuff. Defy, We All Leave The Same Way and No Slaves No Masters my fav tracks here, thanks!!"
-Pacou: "Some useful stuff in here"
-Nöle: "Great stuff! thanks"
-Tyler Smith: "Full support!"
-Bas Mooy: "4/5 Thanks!"
-Mattias Fridell: "Thanks for the music. Good tracks, especially No Need For Anyone Else. Cheers!"
-Mental Resonance: "Really nice release, thanks for send it!"
-Domen: "Great Ep, thanks"
-Scan Mode: "Clang for me!"
-Bodyscrub: "Huge package!"
-Corey Biggs: "Clang is dope"
-Benjamin Damage: "Dark, strong"
-Juho Kusti: "5/5 Thanks!"
-Astronomical Telegram: "Great release, twisted beats and nice drones, thanks!!"
-Alhek: "Really nice work, thanks"
-Mike Stern: "Love it! Quality as usual with Mslwte"
-Corvum: "Great album by Mslwte on HC Records. Experimental, progressive, left field and post industrial. Well done, you will have my support, thank you!"
-Tensal/Exium: "Nice stuff here, especially into No need for..."
-Dax J: "5/5 good stuff"
-W.I.R.E.: "Some nice tracks inside, thanks for sending"
-Blackdual: "Thx, great track amazing"
-Ivan Madox: "5/5 Great release"
-Fundamental Interaction: "Some strong track here, thanks!"
-Coefficient: "Gonna play the techno track No need for...; nice album overall, like it a lot"
-Sicco Bosscher: "Dark and deviuos"
-Rraph: "5/5 wow! amazing!"
-Arnaud Le Texier: "Some cool tracks, thx"
-Wunderblock: "Meatbeat sound, need to dig the album more! thanx a lot!"
-Patrick DSP: "Nice release, thanks!"
-JoyB: "Brutal!!!"
-Lag: "5/5 Defy!"
-Forest People: "5/5 Support!"
-Casual Treatment: "Really digging the No Need For Anyone Else track; thanks!"
-RdF: "You guys squeezed in one of the best albums of the year just before it ends"


all rights reserved


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